How one woman's struggles turned into strength and a life's purpose



Whole Woman Coaching was born from a need I saw in the world around me.  SO many women are stuck in their heads around what they "should" do and who they "should" be and what they "should" look like.  Part of them remembers feeling whole and perfect just as they are, but that way of being feels like a distant memory, a ghost. They know they are meant for bigger and better things in this life, but they feel caught up in anxiety around food, or depression around old family or relationship hurts. Sometimes, they even look like they have the perfect life on the outside, but are really dreaming of connecting to themselves in a way that feels real and true and authentic. 

I call this coaching "whole" because it brings together all the elements required for that real and true and authentic self to emerge in all her glory.  I'll help you combine good nutrition, emotional work, and a whole lot of self-love in order to reconnect with your inner badass, bodacious, and beautiful self!  Along the way, you'll use guided meditations, journaling, feelings checks, and maybe even a sexy sashay or two, to help get you to your goals. It might not always be easy but I promise to make it fun, and I assure you it is the most important work you'll ever do. 

Having lost my wholeness for a long stretch of my life, I am committed to helping guide women back to theirs.  You CAN be joyful, loving, and your biggest baddest self in this world!  Crying tears of joy together with my clients is one of the best feelings I am lucky enough to experience. I see breakthroughs all the time, and I can't wait to see yours!  I hope you'll value yourself enough to give yourself the gift of self-love.  The world needs more whole women in the world, now more than ever. Consider this your invitation to become whole, become YOU.  



Sky Chari
Growing up in NJ and eating the standard American diet, I struggled with my weight and self-esteem my entire early life.  Going vegan at age 19 not only helped me get healthier, but by aligning my actions with my values of compassion, I began to feel fully like myself. Still, I knew there was more to be uncovered; more happiness to be found and more expansiveness to experience. I embarked upon many years of therapies in numerous modalities from somatic healing, self-love work, visualization, gratitude practice, talk therapy, life coaching, sound healing, inner-child work, meditation, play, and feminine movement practice.  I shed my weight, yes, but also my depression, my constant comparing, my negative self-talk, and my "less than" mentality. Through all of this, I became grounded in my authentic self and, more importantly, able to find the unbridled joy and deep love available to all of us at any given moment. 

In 2016, I gave up my career in music, and became certified as a Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator to help other people experience the lightness of being that comes from eating in alignment with their values.  However, I noticed a darkness around food and all it represented among the majority of my woman clients.  I began using other methods to help them see their way through food issues and discover their inherent power and self-love.  The results I saw were astounding, and so in 2018 I founded Whole Woman Coaching.

Today, I am passionate about helping all women become their whole, beautiful, vibrant, and confident selves.  I tailor each Whole Woman Coaching session to the individual's needs and draw upon myriad techniques to help clients see their own badass amazingness - sometimes for the first time in their life.  I use my background in music and dance, my knowledge of nutrition, and my compassion for all humans, to meet clients exactly where they are - whether they've had years of therapy or have never done any coaching of any kind before.  I'm here to help you become whole... become YOU!  




Whole Woman is about building authentic and personal relationships and that starts with your coach.You and Sky will get to know each other through meeting in person and talkuing on the phone.

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