“Sky Chari...an inspiration. Period. I believe that to be one of her primary callings in life. Her energy and spirit can be felt a million miles away, and her smile lights up a room. I thought I was healthy...but her work triggered me to pay attention, to savor, to take healthy living to another level. I have. Sky will do many wonderful things for people, and she will touch their hearts in ways she will never imagine."

Dawn J

"I had been struggling with compulsive over-eating for years and had tried many ways of dealing with it from juice cleansing to therapy, but nothing worked. Sky has helped me shift my perspective from food to what was going on within me that drove me to surrender my power to food. Sky coached me to connect with moments in my past in which food was my coping mechanism and intercept the negative cycle of feeling hurt or upset, turning to food, not having my needs be met, and continuing to be upset. Slowly, I am learning to recognize this cycle, interrupt it when it happens, and connect with myself. Sky has also helped me identify the events in my life that created this cycle and empowered me to self-heal in a way that no one else I've worked with has been able to. As a long-time vegan, I also appreciate that she supports my compassionate choices and does not see veganism as a part of my troubled relationship with food, but rather a source of inspiration to show myself the level of compassion that I have for all living things."


"Sky's enthusiasm for living a healthy, clean life to the fullest extent is contagious (and admirable)! but her endless supply of compassion, care and positivity is truly a gift.”


Tracy S 

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